Area Unit Converters


Area Unit Converter

Type the numbers in any of the boxes below and they will be automatically converted to the other units. Javascript should be turned on.

Individual Area Unit Converters

acre-to-are acre-to-cent acre-to-barn acre-to-ha acre-to-homestead acre-to-rood acre-to-square centimeter acre-to-square foot acre-to-square inch acre-to-square kilometer acre-to-square meter acre-to-square mile acre-to-square millimeter acre-to-square rod acre-to-square yard acre-to-twp acre-to-section acre-to-dam2 are-to-acre are-to-cent are-to-barn are-to-ha are-to-homestead are-to-rood are-to-square centimeter are-to-square foot are-to-square inch are-to-square kilometer are-to-square meter are-to-square mile are-to-square millimeter are-to-square rod are-to-square yard are-to-twp are-to-section are-to-dam2 cent-to-acre cent-to-are cent-to-barn cent-to-ha cent-to-homestead cent-to-rood cent-to-square centimeter cent-to-square foot cent-to-square inch cent-to-square kilometer cent-to-square meter cent-to-square mile cent-to-square millimeter cent-to-square rod cent-to-square yard cent-to-twp cent-to-section cent-to-dam2 barn-to-acre barn-to-are barn-to-cent barn-to-ha barn-to-homestead barn-to-rood barn-to-square centimeter barn-to-square foot barn-to-square inch barn-to-square kilometer barn-to-square meter barn-to-square mile barn-to-square millimeter barn-to-square rod barn-to-square yard barn-to-twp barn-to-section barn-to-dam2 ha-to-acre ha-to-are ha-to-cent ha-to-barn ha-to-homestead ha-to-rood ha-to-square centimeter ha-to-square foot ha-to-square inch ha-to-square kilometer ha-to-square meter ha-to-square mile ha-to-square millimeter ha-to-square rod ha-to-square yard ha-to-twp ha-to-section ha-to-dam2 homestead-to-acre homestead-to-are homestead-to-cent homestead-to-barn homestead-to-ha homestead-to-rood homestead-to-square centimeter homestead-to-square foot homestead-to-square inch homestead-to-square kilometer homestead-to-square meter homestead-to-square mile homestead-to-square millimeter homestead-to-square rod homestead-to-square yard homestead-to-twp homestead-to-section homestead-to-dam2 rood-to-acre rood-to-are rood-to-cent rood-to-barn rood-to-ha rood-to-homestead rood-to-square centimeter rood-to-square foot rood-to-square inch rood-to-square kilometer rood-to-square meter rood-to-square mile rood-to-square millimeter rood-to-square rod rood-to-square yard rood-to-twp rood-to-section rood-to-dam2 square centimeter-to-acre square centimeter-to-are square centimeter-to-cent square centimeter-to-barn square centimeter-to-ha square centimeter-to-homestead square centimeter-to-rood square centimeter-to-square foot square centimeter-to-square inch square centimeter-to-square kilometer square centimeter-to-square meter square centimeter-to-square mile square centimeter-to-square millimeter square centimeter-to-square rod square centimeter-to-square yard square centimeter-to-twp square centimeter-to-section square centimeter-to-dam2 square foot-to-acre square foot-to-are square foot-to-cent square foot-to-barn square foot-to-ha square foot-to-homestead square foot-to-rood square foot-to-square centimeter square foot-to-square inch square foot-to-square kilometer square foot-to-square meter square foot-to-square mile square foot-to-square millimeter square foot-to-square rod square foot-to-square yard square foot-to-twp square foot-to-section square foot-to-dam2 square inch-to-acre square inch-to-are square inch-to-cent square inch-to-barn square inch-to-ha square inch-to-homestead square inch-to-rood square inch-to-square centimeter square inch-to-square foot square inch-to-square kilometer square inch-to-square meter square inch-to-square mile square inch-to-square millimeter square inch-to-square rod square inch-to-square yard square inch-to-twp square inch-to-section square inch-to-dam2 square kilometer-to-acre square kilometer-to-are square kilometer-to-cent square kilometer-to-barn square kilometer-to-ha square kilometer-to-homestead square kilometer-to-rood square kilometer-to-square centimeter square kilometer-to-square foot square kilometer-to-square inch square kilometer-to-square meter square kilometer-to-square mile square kilometer-to-square millimeter square kilometer-to-square rod square kilometer-to-square yard square kilometer-to-twp square kilometer-to-section square kilometer-to-dam2 square meter-to-acre square meter-to-are square meter-to-cent square meter-to-barn square meter-to-ha square meter-to-homestead square meter-to-rood square meter-to-square centimeter square meter-to-square foot square meter-to-square inch square meter-to-square kilometer square meter-to-square mile square meter-to-square millimeter square meter-to-square rod square meter-to-square yard square meter-to-twp square meter-to-section square meter-to-dam2 square mile-to-acre square mile-to-are square mile-to-cent square mile-to-barn square mile-to-ha square mile-to-homestead square mile-to-rood square mile-to-square centimeter square mile-to-square foot square mile-to-square inch square mile-to-square kilometer square mile-to-square meter square mile-to-square millimeter square mile-to-square rod square mile-to-square yard square mile-to-twp square mile-to-section square mile-to-dam2 square millimeter-to-acre square millimeter-to-are square millimeter-to-cent square millimeter-to-barn square millimeter-to-ha square millimeter-to-homestead square millimeter-to-rood square millimeter-to-square centimeter square millimeter-to-square foot square millimeter-to-square inch square millimeter-to-square kilometer square millimeter-to-square meter square millimeter-to-square mile square millimeter-to-square rod square millimeter-to-square yard square millimeter-to-twp square millimeter-to-section square millimeter-to-dam2 square rod-to-acre square rod-to-are square rod-to-cent square rod-to-barn square rod-to-ha square rod-to-homestead square rod-to-rood square rod-to-square centimeter square rod-to-square foot square rod-to-square inch square rod-to-square kilometer square rod-to-square meter square rod-to-square mile square rod-to-square millimeter square rod-to-square yard square rod-to-twp square rod-to-section square rod-to-dam2 square yard-to-acre square yard-to-are square yard-to-cent square yard-to-barn square yard-to-ha square yard-to-homestead square yard-to-rood square yard-to-square centimeter square yard-to-square foot square yard-to-square inch square yard-to-square kilometer square yard-to-square meter square yard-to-square mile square yard-to-square millimeter square yard-to-square rod square yard-to-twp square yard-to-section square yard-to-dam2 twp-to-acre twp-to-are twp-to-cent twp-to-barn twp-to-ha twp-to-homestead twp-to-rood twp-to-square centimeter twp-to-square foot twp-to-square inch twp-to-square kilometer twp-to-square meter twp-to-square mile twp-to-square millimeter twp-to-square rod twp-to-square yard twp-to-section twp-to-dam2 section-to-acre section-to-are section-to-cent section-to-barn section-to-ha section-to-homestead section-to-rood section-to-square centimeter section-to-square foot section-to-square inch section-to-square kilometer section-to-square meter section-to-square mile section-to-square millimeter section-to-square rod section-to-square yard section-to-twp section-to-dam2 dam2-to-acre dam2-to-are dam2-to-cent dam2-to-barn dam2-to-ha dam2-to-homestead dam2-to-rood dam2-to-square centimeter dam2-to-square foot dam2-to-square inch dam2-to-square kilometer dam2-to-square meter dam2-to-square mile dam2-to-square millimeter dam2-to-square rod dam2-to-square yard dam2-to-twp dam2-to-section