Pennyweights to Troy Ounces Converter

Pennyweights to Troy Ounces Converter

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Pennyweights to Troy Ounces Conversion Table

PennyweightsTroy Ounces
1 dwt0.05 t oz
2 dwt0.1 t oz
3 dwt0.15 t oz
4 dwt0.2 t oz
5 dwt0.25 t oz
6 dwt0.3 t oz
7 dwt0.35 t oz
8 dwt0.4 t oz
9 dwt0.45 t oz
10 dwt0.5 t oz
11 dwt0.55 t oz
12 dwt0.6 t oz
13 dwt0.65 t oz
14 dwt0.7 t oz
15 dwt0.75 t oz
16 dwt0.8 t oz
17 dwt0.85 t oz
18 dwt0.9 t oz
19 dwt0.95 t oz
20 dwt1 t oz

Troy Ounces to Pennyweights Conversion Table

Troy OuncesPennyweights
1 t oz20 dwt
2 t oz40 dwt
3 t oz60 dwt
4 t oz80 dwt
5 t oz100 dwt
6 t oz120 dwt
7 t oz140 dwt
8 t oz160 dwt
9 t oz180 dwt
10 t oz200 dwt
11 t oz220 dwt
12 t oz240 dwt
13 t oz260 dwt
14 t oz280 dwt
15 t oz300 dwt
16 t oz320 dwt
17 t oz340 dwt
18 t oz360 dwt
19 t oz380 dwt
20 t oz400 dwt