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Funt to Troy Ounces Converter

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Funt to Troy Ounces Conversion Table

FuntTroy Ounces
1 funt13.166128356055 t oz
2 funt26.33225671211 t oz
3 funt39.498385068165 t oz
4 funt52.66451342422 t oz
5 funt65.830641780275 t oz
6 funt78.99677013633 t oz
7 funt92.162898492385 t oz
8 funt105.32902684844 t oz
9 funt118.49515520449 t oz
10 funt131.66128356055 t oz
11 funt144.82741191661 t oz
12 funt157.99354027266 t oz
13 funt171.15966862871 t oz
14 funt184.32579698477 t oz
15 funt197.49192534082 t oz
16 funt210.65805369688 t oz
17 funt223.82418205293 t oz
18 funt236.99031040899 t oz
19 funt250.15643876504 t oz
20 funt263.3225671211 t oz

Troy Ounces to Funt Conversion Table

Troy OuncesFunt
1 t oz0.07595247235609 funt
2 t oz0.15190494471218 funt
3 t oz0.22785741706827 funt
4 t oz0.30380988942436 funt
5 t oz0.37976236178045 funt
6 t oz0.45571483413654 funt
7 t oz0.53166730649263 funt
8 t oz0.60761977884872 funt
9 t oz0.68357225120481 funt
10 t oz0.7595247235609 funt
11 t oz0.83547719591699 funt
12 t oz0.91142966827308 funt
13 t oz0.98738214062917 funt
14 t oz1.0633346129853 funt
15 t oz1.1392870853413 funt
16 t oz1.2152395576974 funt
17 t oz1.2911920300535 funt
18 t oz1.3671445024096 funt
19 t oz1.4430969747657 funt
20 t oz1.5190494471218 funt