Stones to Long Tons (UK) Converter

Stones to Long Tons (UK) Converter

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Stones to Long Tons (UK) Conversion Table

StonesLong Tons (UK)
1 st0.0062499992618452 UK t
2 st0.01249999852369 UK t
3 st0.018749997785536 UK t
4 st0.024999997047381 UK t
5 st0.031249996309226 UK t
6 st0.037499995571071 UK t
7 st0.043749994832916 UK t
8 st0.049999994094762 UK t
9 st0.056249993356607 UK t
10 st0.062499992618452 UK t
11 st0.068749991880297 UK t
12 st0.074999991142142 UK t
13 st0.081249990403988 UK t
14 st0.087499989665833 UK t
15 st0.093749988927678 UK t
16 st0.099999988189523 UK t
17 st0.10624998745137 UK t
18 st0.11249998671321 UK t
19 st0.11874998597506 UK t
20 st0.1249999852369 UK t

Long Tons (UK) to Stones Conversion Table

Long Tons (UK)Stones
1 UK t160.00001889677 st
2 UK t320.00003779353 st
3 UK t480.0000566903 st
4 UK t640.00007558706 st
5 UK t800.00009448383 st
6 UK t960.00011338059 st
7 UK t1120.0001322774 st
8 UK t1280.0001511741 st
9 UK t1440.0001700709 st
10 UK t1600.0001889677 st
11 UK t1760.0002078644 st
12 UK t1920.0002267612 st
13 UK t2080.0002456579 st
14 UK t2240.0002645547 st
15 UK t2400.0002834515 st
16 UK t2560.0003023482 st
17 UK t2720.000321245 st
18 UK t2880.0003401418 st
19 UK t3040.0003590385 st
20 UK t3200.0003779353 st