Stones to Short Tons (US) Converter

Stones to Short Tons (US) Converter

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Stones to Short Tons (US) Conversion Table

StonesShort Tons (US)
1 st0.0070000001102311 US t
2 st0.014000000220462 US t
3 st0.021000000330693 US t
4 st0.028000000440924 US t
5 st0.035000000551155 US t
6 st0.042000000661387 US t
7 st0.049000000771618 US t
8 st0.056000000881849 US t
9 st0.06300000099208 US t
10 st0.070000001102311 US t
11 st0.077000001212542 US t
12 st0.084000001322773 US t
13 st0.091000001433004 US t
14 st0.098000001543235 US t
15 st0.10500000165347 US t
16 st0.1120000017637 US t
17 st0.11900000187393 US t
18 st0.12600000198416 US t
19 st0.13300000209439 US t
20 st0.14000000220462 US t

Short Tons (US) to Stones Conversion Table

Short Tons (US)Stones
1 US t142.85714060753 st
2 US t285.71428121506 st
3 US t428.57142182259 st
4 US t571.42856243011 st
5 US t714.28570303764 st
6 US t857.14284364517 st
7 US t999.9999842527 st
8 US t1142.8571248602 st
9 US t1285.7142654678 st
10 US t1428.5714060753 st
11 US t1571.4285466828 st
12 US t1714.2856872903 st
13 US t1857.1428278979 st
14 US t1999.9999685054 st
15 US t2142.8571091129 st
16 US t2285.7142497205 st
17 US t2428.571390328 st
18 US t2571.4285309355 st
19 US t2714.285671543 st
20 US t2857.1428121506 st