Troy Pounds to Carats Converter

Troy Pounds to Carats Converter

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Troy Pounds to Carats Conversion Table

Troy PoundsCarats
1 t lb1866.2085 ct
2 t lb3732.417 ct
3 t lb5598.6255 ct
4 t lb7464.834 ct
5 t lb9331.0425 ct
6 t lb11197.251 ct
7 t lb13063.4595 ct
8 t lb14929.668 ct
9 t lb16795.8765 ct
10 t lb18662.085 ct
11 t lb20528.2935 ct
12 t lb22394.502 ct
13 t lb24260.7105 ct
14 t lb26126.919 ct
15 t lb27993.1275 ct
16 t lb29859.336 ct
17 t lb31725.5445 ct
18 t lb33591.753 ct
19 t lb35457.9615 ct
20 t lb37324.17 ct

Carats to Troy Pounds Conversion Table

Carats Troy Pounds
1 ct0.00053584580715392 t lb
2 ct0.0010716916143078 t lb
3 ct0.0016075374214617 t lb
4 ct0.0021433832286157 t lb
5 ct0.0026792290357696 t lb
6 ct0.0032150748429235 t lb
7 ct0.0037509206500774 t lb
8 ct0.0042867664572313 t lb
9 ct0.0048226122643852 t lb
10 ct0.0053584580715392 t lb
11 ct0.0058943038786931 t lb
12 ct0.006430149685847 t lb
13 ct0.0069659954930009 t lb
14 ct0.0075018413001548 t lb
15 ct0.0080376871073087 t lb
16 ct0.0085735329144627 t lb
17 ct0.0091093787216166 t lb
18 ct0.0096452245287705 t lb
19 ct0.010181070335924 t lb
20 ct0.010716916143078 t lb