Troy Ounces to Pound Converter

Troy Ounces to Pound Converter

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Troy Ounces to Pound Conversion Table

Troy OuncesPound
1 t oz0.068571446208412 lb
2 t oz0.13714289241682 lb
3 t oz0.20571433862524 lb
4 t oz0.27428578483365 lb
5 t oz0.34285723104206 lb
6 t oz0.41142867725047 lb
7 t oz0.48000012345888 lb
8 t oz0.5485715696673 lb
9 t oz0.61714301587571 lb
10 t oz0.68571446208412 lb
11 t oz0.75428590829253 lb
12 t oz0.82285735450094 lb
13 t oz0.89142880070936 lb
14 t oz0.96000024691777 lb
15 t oz1.0285716931262 lb
16 t oz1.0971431393346 lb
17 t oz1.165714585543 lb
18 t oz1.2342860317514 lb
19 t oz1.3028574779598 lb
20 t oz1.3714289241682 lb

Pound to Troy Ounces Conversion Table

PoundTroy Ounces
1 lb14.583329582413 t oz
2 lb29.166659164827 t oz
3 lb43.74998874724 t oz
4 lb58.333318329653 t oz
5 lb72.916647912067 t oz
6 lb87.49997749448 t oz
7 lb102.08330707689 t oz
8 lb116.66663665931 t oz
9 lb131.24996624172 t oz
10 lb145.83329582413 t oz
11 lb160.41662540655 t oz
12 lb174.99995498896 t oz
13 lb189.58328457137 t oz
14 lb204.16661415379 t oz
15 lb218.7499437362 t oz
16 lb233.33327331861 t oz
17 lb247.91660290103 t oz
18 lb262.49993248344 t oz
19 lb277.08326206585 t oz
20 lb291.66659164827 t oz