Barye to Millimeters of water Converter

Barye to Millimeters of water Converter

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Barye to Millimeters of water Conversion Table

BaryeMillimeters of water
1 Ba0.010197162129779 mm H2O
2 Ba0.020394324259558 mm H2O
3 Ba0.030591486389337 mm H2O
4 Ba0.040788648519116 mm H2O
5 Ba0.050985810648895 mm H2O
6 Ba0.061182972778674 mm H2O
7 Ba0.071380134908453 mm H2O
8 Ba0.081577297038232 mm H2O
9 Ba0.091774459168011 mm H2O
10 Ba0.10197162129779 mm H2O
11 Ba0.11216878342757 mm H2O
12 Ba0.12236594555735 mm H2O
13 Ba0.13256310768713 mm H2O
14 Ba0.14276026981691 mm H2O
15 Ba0.15295743194668 mm H2O
16 Ba0.16315459407646 mm H2O
17 Ba0.17335175620624 mm H2O
18 Ba0.18354891833602 mm H2O
19 Ba0.1937460804658 mm H2O
20 Ba0.20394324259558 mm H2O

Millimeters of water to Barye Conversion Table

Millimeters of waterBarye
1 mm H2O98.066500000003 Ba
2 mm H2O196.13300000001 Ba
3 mm H2O294.19950000001 Ba
4 mm H2O392.26600000001 Ba
5 mm H2O490.33250000001 Ba
6 mm H2O588.39900000002 Ba
7 mm H2O686.46550000002 Ba
8 mm H2O784.53200000002 Ba
9 mm H2O882.59850000002 Ba
10 mm H2O980.66500000003 Ba
11 mm H2O1078.7315 Ba
12 mm H2O1176.798 Ba
13 mm H2O1274.8645 Ba
14 mm H2O1372.931 Ba
15 mm H2O1470.9975 Ba
16 mm H2O1569.064 Ba
17 mm H2O1667.1305 Ba
18 mm H2O1765.197 Ba
19 mm H2O1863.2635000001 Ba
20 mm H2O1961.3300000001 Ba