Gram per square centimeter to Inches of Water Converter

Gram per square centimeter to Inches of Water Converter

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Gram per square centimeter to Inches of Water Conversion Table

Gram per square centimeterInches of Water
1 g/cm20.39370080320721 in H2O
2 g/cm20.78740160641442 in H2O
3 g/cm21.1811024096216 in H2O
4 g/cm21.5748032128288 in H2O
5 g/cm21.9685040160361 in H2O
6 g/cm22.3622048192433 in H2O
7 g/cm22.7559056224505 in H2O
8 g/cm23.1496064256577 in H2O
9 g/cm23.5433072288649 in H2O
10 g/cm23.9370080320721 in H2O
11 g/cm24.3307088352793 in H2O
12 g/cm24.7244096384865 in H2O
13 g/cm25.1181104416937 in H2O
14 g/cm25.5118112449009 in H2O
15 g/cm25.9055120481082 in H2O
16 g/cm26.2992128513154 in H2O
17 g/cm26.6929136545226 in H2O
18 g/cm27.0866144577298 in H2O
19 g/cm27.480315260937 in H2O
20 g/cm27.8740160641442 in H2O

Inches of Water to Gram per square centimeter Conversion Table

Inches of WaterGram per square centimeter
1 in H2O2.5399998980284 g/cm2
2 in H2O5.0799997960567 g/cm2
3 in H2O7.6199996940851 g/cm2
4 in H2O10.159999592113 g/cm2
5 in H2O12.699999490142 g/cm2
6 in H2O15.23999938817 g/cm2
7 in H2O17.779999286199 g/cm2
8 in H2O20.319999184227 g/cm2
9 in H2O22.859999082255 g/cm2
10 in H2O25.399998980284 g/cm2
11 in H2O27.939998878312 g/cm2
12 in H2O30.47999877634 g/cm2
13 in H2O33.019998674369 g/cm2
14 in H2O35.559998572397 g/cm2
15 in H2O38.099998470426 g/cm2
16 in H2O40.639998368454 g/cm2
17 in H2O43.179998266482 g/cm2
18 in H2O45.719998164511 g/cm2
19 in H2O48.259998062539 g/cm2
20 in H2O50.799997960567 g/cm2