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Inches of Water to Kilopascal Converter

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Inches of Water to Kilopascal Conversion Table

Inches of WaterKilopascal
1 in H2O0.2490889 kPa
2 in H2O0.4981778 kPa
3 in H2O0.7472667 kPa
4 in H2O0.9963556 kPa
5 in H2O1.2454445 kPa
6 in H2O1.4945334 kPa
7 in H2O1.7436223 kPa
8 in H2O1.9927112 kPa
9 in H2O2.2418001 kPa
10 in H2O2.490889 kPa
11 in H2O2.7399779 kPa
12 in H2O2.9890668 kPa
13 in H2O3.2381557 kPa
14 in H2O3.4872446 kPa
15 in H2O3.7363335 kPa
16 in H2O3.9854224 kPa
17 in H2O4.2345113 kPa
18 in H2O4.4836002 kPa
19 in H2O4.7326891 kPa
20 in H2O4.981778 kPa

Kilopascal to Inches of Water Conversion Table

KilopascalInches of Water
1 kPa4.0146309209282 in H2O
2 kPa8.0292618418565 in H2O
3 kPa12.043892762785 in H2O
4 kPa16.058523683713 in H2O
5 kPa20.073154604641 in H2O
6 kPa24.087785525569 in H2O
7 kPa28.102416446498 in H2O
8 kPa32.117047367426 in H2O
9 kPa36.131678288354 in H2O
10 kPa40.146309209282 in H2O
11 kPa44.160940130211 in H2O
12 kPa48.175571051139 in H2O
13 kPa52.190201972067 in H2O
14 kPa56.204832892995 in H2O
15 kPa60.219463813923 in H2O
16 kPa64.234094734852 in H2O
17 kPa68.24872565578 in H2O
18 kPa72.263356576708 in H2O
19 kPa76.277987497636 in H2O
20 kPa80.292618418565 in H2O