Inches of Water to Poundal per square foot Converter

Inches of Water to Poundal per square foot Converter

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Inches of Water to Poundal per square foot Conversion Table

Inches of WaterPoundal per square foot
1 in H2O167.38001285158 pdl/ft²
2 in H2O334.76002570316 pdl/ft²
3 in H2O502.14003855474 pdl/ft²
4 in H2O669.52005140632 pdl/ft²
5 in H2O836.9000642579 pdl/ft²
6 in H2O1004.2800771095 pdl/ft²
7 in H2O1171.6600899611 pdl/ft²
8 in H2O1339.0401028126 pdl/ft²
9 in H2O1506.4201156642 pdl/ft²
10 in H2O1673.8001285158 pdl/ft²
11 in H2O1841.1801413674 pdl/ft²
12 in H2O2008.560154219 pdl/ft²
13 in H2O2175.9401670705 pdl/ft²
14 in H2O2343.3201799221 pdl/ft²
15 in H2O2510.7001927737 pdl/ft²
16 in H2O2678.0802056253 pdl/ft²
17 in H2O2845.4602184769 pdl/ft²
18 in H2O3012.8402313284 pdl/ft²
19 in H2O3180.22024418 pdl/ft²
20 in H2O3347.6002570316 pdl/ft²

Poundal per square foot to Inches of Water Conversion Table

Poundal per square footInches of Water
1 pdl/ft²0.0059744289832665 in H2O
2 pdl/ft²0.011948857966533 in H2O
3 pdl/ft²0.0179232869498 in H2O
4 pdl/ft²0.023897715933066 in H2O
5 pdl/ft²0.029872144916333 in H2O
6 pdl/ft²0.035846573899599 in H2O
7 pdl/ft²0.041821002882866 in H2O
8 pdl/ft²0.047795431866132 in H2O
9 pdl/ft²0.053769860849399 in H2O
10 pdl/ft²0.059744289832665 in H2O
11 pdl/ft²0.065718718815932 in H2O
12 pdl/ft²0.071693147799198 in H2O
13 pdl/ft²0.077667576782465 in H2O
14 pdl/ft²0.083642005765731 in H2O
15 pdl/ft²0.089616434748998 in H2O
16 pdl/ft²0.095590863732264 in H2O
17 pdl/ft²0.10156529271553 in H2O
18 pdl/ft²0.1075397216988 in H2O
19 pdl/ft²0.11351415068206 in H2O
20 pdl/ft²0.11948857966533 in H2O