Inches of Water to Pound force per square inch Converter

Inches of Water to Pound force per square inch Converter

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Inches of Water to Pound force per square inch Conversion Table

Inches of WaterPound force per square inch
1 in H2O0.036127292085856 psi
2 in H2O0.072254584171712 psi
3 in H2O0.10838187625757 psi
4 in H2O0.14450916834342 psi
5 in H2O0.18063646042928 psi
6 in H2O0.21676375251514 psi
7 in H2O0.25289104460099 psi
8 in H2O0.28901833668685 psi
9 in H2O0.3251456287727 psi
10 in H2O0.36127292085856 psi
11 in H2O0.39740021294442 psi
12 in H2O0.43352750503027 psi
13 in H2O0.46965479711613 psi
14 in H2O0.50578208920198 psi
15 in H2O0.54190938128784 psi
16 in H2O0.5780366733737 psi
17 in H2O0.61416396545955 psi
18 in H2O0.65029125754541 psi
19 in H2O0.68641854963126 psi
20 in H2O0.72254584171712 psi

Pound force per square inch to Inches of Water Conversion Table

Pound force per square inchInches of Water
1 psi27.679904644486 in H2O
2 psi55.359809288973 in H2O
3 psi83.039713933459 in H2O
4 psi110.71961857795 in H2O
5 psi138.39952322243 in H2O
6 psi166.07942786692 in H2O
7 psi193.7593325114 in H2O
8 psi221.43923715589 in H2O
9 psi249.11914180038 in H2O
10 psi276.79904644486 in H2O
11 psi304.47895108935 in H2O
12 psi332.15885573384 in H2O
13 psi359.83876037832 in H2O
14 psi387.51866502281 in H2O
15 psi415.1985696673 in H2O
16 psi442.87847431178 in H2O
17 psi470.55837895627 in H2O
18 psi498.23828360075 in H2O
19 psi525.91818824524 in H2O
20 psi553.59809288973 in H2O