Kip per square inch to Inches of Water Converter

Kip per square inch to Inches of Water Converter

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Kip per square inch to Inches of Water Conversion Table

Kip per square inchInches of Water
1 ksi27679.905821488 in H2O
2 ksi55359.811642976 in H2O
3 ksi83039.717464464 in H2O
4 ksi110719.62328595 in H2O
5 ksi138399.52910744 in H2O
6 ksi166079.43492893 in H2O
7 ksi193759.34075042 in H2O
8 ksi221439.2465719 in H2O
9 ksi249119.15239339 in H2O
10 ksi276799.05821488 in H2O
11 ksi304478.96403637 in H2O
12 ksi332158.86985786 in H2O
13 ksi359838.77567934 in H2O
14 ksi387518.68150083 in H2O
15 ksi415198.58732232 in H2O
16 ksi442878.49314381 in H2O
17 ksi470558.3989653 in H2O
18 ksi498238.30478678 in H2O
19 ksi525918.21060827 in H2O
20 ksi553598.11642976 in H2O

Inches of Water to Kip per square inch Conversion Table

Inches of WaterKip per square inch
1 in H2O3.6127290549656E-5 ksi
2 in H2O7.2254581099311E-5 ksi
3 in H2O0.00010838187164897 ksi
4 in H2O0.00014450916219862 ksi
5 in H2O0.00018063645274828 ksi
6 in H2O0.00021676374329793 ksi
7 in H2O0.00025289103384759 ksi
8 in H2O0.00028901832439724 ksi
9 in H2O0.0003251456149469 ksi
10 in H2O0.00036127290549656 ksi
11 in H2O0.00039740019604621 ksi
12 in H2O0.00043352748659587 ksi
13 in H2O0.00046965477714552 ksi
14 in H2O0.00050578206769518 ksi
15 in H2O0.00054190935824483 ksi
16 in H2O0.00057803664879449 ksi
17 in H2O0.00061416393934414 ksi
18 in H2O0.0006502912298938 ksi
19 in H2O0.00068641852044346 ksi
20 in H2O0.00072254581099311 ksi