Kip per square inch to Pounds per square foot Converter

Kip per square inch to Pounds per square foot Converter

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Kip per square inch to Pounds per square foot Conversion Table

Kip per square inchPounds per square foot
1 ksi143999.99693356 psf
2 ksi287999.99386712 psf
3 ksi431999.99080068 psf
4 ksi575999.98773424 psf
5 ksi719999.9846678 psf
6 ksi863999.98160136 psf
7 ksi1007999.9785349 psf
8 ksi1151999.9754685 psf
9 ksi1295999.972402 psf
10 ksi1439999.9693356 psf
11 ksi1583999.9662692 psf
12 ksi1727999.9632027 psf
13 ksi1871999.9601363 psf
14 ksi2015999.9570698 psf
15 ksi2159999.9540034 psf
16 ksi2303999.950937 psf
17 ksi2447999.9478705 psf
18 ksi2591999.9448041 psf
19 ksi2735999.9417376 psf
20 ksi2879999.9386712 psf

Pounds per square foot to Kip per square inch Conversion Table

Pounds per square footKip per square inch
1 psf6.9444445923245E-6 ksi
2 psf1.3888889184649E-5 ksi
3 psf2.0833333776973E-5 ksi
4 psf2.7777778369298E-5 ksi
5 psf3.4722222961622E-5 ksi
6 psf4.1666667553947E-5 ksi
7 psf4.8611112146271E-5 ksi
8 psf5.5555556738596E-5 ksi
9 psf6.250000133092E-5 ksi
10 psf6.9444445923245E-5 ksi
11 psf7.6388890515569E-5 ksi
12 psf8.3333335107894E-5 ksi
13 psf9.0277779700218E-5 ksi
14 psf9.7222224292542E-5 ksi
15 psf0.00010416666888487 ksi
16 psf0.00011111111347719 ksi
17 psf0.00011805555806952 ksi
18 psf0.00012500000266184 ksi
19 psf0.00013194444725416 ksi
20 psf0.00013888889184649 ksi