Millimeters of water to Bar Converter

Millimeters of water to Bar Converter

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Millimeters of water to Bar Conversion Table

Millimeters of waterBar
1 mm H2O9.80665E-5 bar
2 mm H2O0.000196133 bar
3 mm H2O0.0002941995 bar
4 mm H2O0.000392266 bar
5 mm H2O0.0004903325 bar
6 mm H2O0.000588399 bar
7 mm H2O0.0006864655 bar
8 mm H2O0.000784532 bar
9 mm H2O0.0008825985 bar
10 mm H2O0.000980665 bar
11 mm H2O0.0010787315 bar
12 mm H2O0.001176798 bar
13 mm H2O0.0012748645 bar
14 mm H2O0.001372931 bar
15 mm H2O0.0014709975 bar
16 mm H2O0.001569064 bar
17 mm H2O0.0016671305 bar
18 mm H2O0.001765197 bar
19 mm H2O0.0018632635 bar
20 mm H2O0.00196133 bar

Bar to Millimeters of water Conversion Table

BarMillimeters of water
1 bar10197.162129779 mm H2O
2 bar20394.324259559 mm H2O
3 bar30591.486389338 mm H2O
4 bar40788.648519117 mm H2O
5 bar50985.810648896 mm H2O
6 bar61182.972778676 mm H2O
7 bar71380.134908455 mm H2O
8 bar81577.297038234 mm H2O
9 bar91774.459168014 mm H2O
10 bar101971.62129779 mm H2O
11 bar112168.78342757 mm H2O
12 bar122365.94555735 mm H2O
13 bar132563.10768713 mm H2O
14 bar142760.26981691 mm H2O
15 bar152957.43194669 mm H2O
16 bar163154.59407647 mm H2O
17 bar173351.75620625 mm H2O
18 bar183548.91833603 mm H2O
19 bar193746.08046581 mm H2O
20 bar203943.24259559 mm H2O