Millimeters of water to Poundal per square foot Converter

Millimeters of water to Poundal per square foot Converter

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Millimeters of water to Poundal per square foot Conversion Table

Millimeters of waterPoundal per square foot
1 mm H2O6.5897645500499 pdl/ft²
2 mm H2O13.1795291001 pdl/ft²
3 mm H2O19.76929365015 pdl/ft²
4 mm H2O26.3590582002 pdl/ft²
5 mm H2O32.948822750249 pdl/ft²
6 mm H2O39.538587300299 pdl/ft²
7 mm H2O46.128351850349 pdl/ft²
8 mm H2O52.718116400399 pdl/ft²
9 mm H2O59.307880950449 pdl/ft²
10 mm H2O65.897645500499 pdl/ft²
11 mm H2O72.487410050549 pdl/ft²
12 mm H2O79.077174600599 pdl/ft²
13 mm H2O85.666939150649 pdl/ft²
14 mm H2O92.256703700699 pdl/ft²
15 mm H2O98.846468250749 pdl/ft²
16 mm H2O105.4362328008 pdl/ft²
17 mm H2O112.02599735085 pdl/ft²
18 mm H2O118.6157619009 pdl/ft²
19 mm H2O125.20552645095 pdl/ft²
20 mm H2O131.795291001 pdl/ft²

Poundal per square foot to Millimeters of water Conversion Table

Poundal per square footMillimeters of water
1 pdl/ft²0.15175049008275 mm H2O
2 pdl/ft²0.3035009801655 mm H2O
3 pdl/ft²0.45525147024825 mm H2O
4 pdl/ft²0.607001960331 mm H2O
5 pdl/ft²0.75875245041375 mm H2O
6 pdl/ft²0.9105029404965 mm H2O
7 pdl/ft²1.0622534305792 mm H2O
8 pdl/ft²1.214003920662 mm H2O
9 pdl/ft²1.3657544107447 mm H2O
10 pdl/ft²1.5175049008275 mm H2O
11 pdl/ft²1.6692553909102 mm H2O
12 pdl/ft²1.821005880993 mm H2O
13 pdl/ft²1.9727563710757 mm H2O
14 pdl/ft²2.1245068611585 mm H2O
15 pdl/ft²2.2762573512412 mm H2O
16 pdl/ft²2.428007841324 mm H2O
17 pdl/ft²2.5797583314067 mm H2O
18 pdl/ft²2.7315088214895 mm H2O
19 pdl/ft²2.8832593115722 mm H2O
20 pdl/ft²3.035009801655 mm H2O