Nanopascal to Millimeters of water Converter

Nanopascal to Millimeters of water Converter

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Nanopascal to Millimeters of water Conversion Table

NanopascalMillimeters of water
1 nPa1.0197162129779E-9 mm H2O
2 nPa2.0394324259558E-9 mm H2O
3 nPa3.0591486389337E-9 mm H2O
4 nPa4.0788648519116E-9 mm H2O
5 nPa5.0985810648895E-9 mm H2O
6 nPa6.1182972778674E-9 mm H2O
7 nPa7.1380134908453E-9 mm H2O
8 nPa8.1577297038232E-9 mm H2O
9 nPa9.1774459168011E-9 mm H2O
10 nPa1.0197162129779E-8 mm H2O
11 nPa1.1216878342757E-8 mm H2O
12 nPa1.2236594555735E-8 mm H2O
13 nPa1.3256310768713E-8 mm H2O
14 nPa1.4276026981691E-8 mm H2O
15 nPa1.5295743194669E-8 mm H2O
16 nPa1.6315459407646E-8 mm H2O
17 nPa1.7335175620624E-8 mm H2O
18 nPa1.8354891833602E-8 mm H2O
19 nPa1.937460804658E-8 mm H2O
20 nPa2.0394324259558E-8 mm H2O

Millimeters of water to Nanopascal Conversion Table

Millimeters of waterNanopascal
1 mm H2O980665000.00003 nPa
2 mm H2O1961330000.0001 nPa
3 mm H2O2941995000.0001 nPa
4 mm H2O3922660000.0001 nPa
5 mm H2O4903325000.0001 nPa
6 mm H2O5883990000.0002 nPa
7 mm H2O6864655000.0002 nPa
8 mm H2O7845320000.0002 nPa
9 mm H2O8825985000.0002 nPa
10 mm H2O9806650000.0003 nPa
11 mm H2O10787315000 nPa
12 mm H2O11767980000 nPa
13 mm H2O12748645000 nPa
14 mm H2O13729310000 nPa
15 mm H2O14709975000 nPa
16 mm H2O15690640000 nPa
17 mm H2O16671305000 nPa
18 mm H2O17651970000 nPa
19 mm H2O18632635000.001 nPa
20 mm H2O19613300000.001 nPa