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Torr to Inches of Water Converter

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Torr to Inches of Water Conversion Table

TorrInches of Water
1 torr0.53523862363999 in H2O
2 torr1.07047724728 in H2O
3 torr1.60571587092 in H2O
4 torr2.14095449456 in H2O
5 torr2.6761931181999 in H2O
6 torr3.2114317418399 in H2O
7 torr3.7466703654799 in H2O
8 torr4.2819089891199 in H2O
9 torr4.8171476127599 in H2O
10 torr5.3523862363999 in H2O
11 torr5.8876248600399 in H2O
12 torr6.4228634836799 in H2O
13 torr6.9581021073199 in H2O
14 torr7.4933407309599 in H2O
15 torr8.0285793545998 in H2O
16 torr8.5638179782398 in H2O
17 torr9.0990566018798 in H2O
18 torr9.6342952255198 in H2O
19 torr10.16953384916 in H2O
20 torr10.7047724728 in H2O

Inches of Water to Torr Conversion Table

Inches of WaterTorr
1 in H2O1.8683255576724 torr
2 in H2O3.7366511153448 torr
3 in H2O5.6049766730172 torr
4 in H2O7.4733022306897 torr
5 in H2O9.3416277883621 torr
6 in H2O11.209953346034 torr
7 in H2O13.078278903707 torr
8 in H2O14.946604461379 torr
9 in H2O16.814930019052 torr
10 in H2O18.683255576724 torr
11 in H2O20.551581134397 torr
12 in H2O22.419906692069 torr
13 in H2O24.288232249741 torr
14 in H2O26.156557807414 torr
15 in H2O28.024883365086 torr
16 in H2O29.893208922759 torr
17 in H2O31.761534480431 torr
18 in H2O33.629860038103 torr
19 in H2O35.498185595776 torr
20 in H2O37.366511153448 torr