Torr to Millimeters of water Converter

Torr to Millimeters of water Converter

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Torr to Millimeters of water Conversion Table

TorrMillimeters of water
1 torr13.595060494664 mm H2O
2 torr27.190120989328 mm H2O
3 torr40.785181483992 mm H2O
4 torr54.380241978656 mm H2O
5 torr67.97530247332 mm H2O
6 torr81.570362967984 mm H2O
7 torr95.165423462648 mm H2O
8 torr108.76048395731 mm H2O
9 torr122.35554445198 mm H2O
10 torr135.95060494664 mm H2O
11 torr149.5456654413 mm H2O
12 torr163.14072593597 mm H2O
13 torr176.73578643063 mm H2O
14 torr190.3308469253 mm H2O
15 torr203.92590741996 mm H2O
16 torr217.52096791462 mm H2O
17 torr231.11602840929 mm H2O
18 torr244.71108890395 mm H2O
19 torr258.30614939862 mm H2O
20 torr271.90120989328 mm H2O

Millimeters of water to Torr Conversion Table

Millimeters of waterTorr
1 mm H2O0.07355612727082 torr
2 mm H2O0.14711225454164 torr
3 mm H2O0.22066838181246 torr
4 mm H2O0.29422450908328 torr
5 mm H2O0.3677806363541 torr
6 mm H2O0.44133676362492 torr
7 mm H2O0.51489289089574 torr
8 mm H2O0.58844901816656 torr
9 mm H2O0.66200514543738 torr
10 mm H2O0.7355612727082 torr
11 mm H2O0.80911739997902 torr
12 mm H2O0.88267352724984 torr
13 mm H2O0.95622965452066 torr
14 mm H2O1.0297857817915 torr
15 mm H2O1.1033419090623 torr
16 mm H2O1.1768980363331 torr
17 mm H2O1.2504541636039 torr
18 mm H2O1.3240102908748 torr
19 mm H2O1.3975664181456 torr
20 mm H2O1.4711225454164 torr