Short Tons (US) to Long Tons (UK) Conversion Table

Short Tons (US) to Long Tons (UK) Conversion Table / Chart

Short Tons (US)Long Tons (UK)
1 US t0.89285702334636 UK t
2 US t1.7857140466927 UK t
3 US t2.6785710700391 UK t
4 US t3.5714280933854 UK t
5 US t4.4642851167318 UK t
6 US t5.3571421400782 UK t
7 US t6.2499991634245 UK t
8 US t7.1428561867709 UK t
9 US t8.0357132101172 UK t
10 US t8.9285702334636 UK t
11 US t9.82142725681 UK t
12 US t10.714284280156 UK t
13 US t11.607141303503 UK t
14 US t12.499998326849 UK t
15 US t13.392855350195 UK t
16 US t14.285712373542 UK t
17 US t15.178569396888 UK t
18 US t16.071426420234 UK t
19 US t16.964283443581 UK t
20 US t17.857140466927 UK t
21 US t18.749997490274 UK t
22 US t19.64285451362 UK t
23 US t20.535711536966 UK t
24 US t21.428568560313 UK t
25 US t22.321425583659 UK t
26 US t23.214282607005 UK t
27 US t24.107139630352 UK t
28 US t24.999996653698 UK t
29 US t25.892853677044 UK t
30 US t26.785710700391 UK t
31 US t27.678567723737 UK t
32 US t28.571424747084 UK t
33 US t29.46428177043 UK t
34 US t30.357138793776 UK t
35 US t31.249995817123 UK t
36 US t32.142852840469 UK t
37 US t33.035709863815 UK t
38 US t33.928566887162 UK t
39 US t34.821423910508 UK t
40 US t35.714280933854 UK t
41 US t36.607137957201 UK t
42 US t37.499994980547 UK t
43 US t38.392852003893 UK t
44 US t39.28570902724 UK t
45 US t40.178566050586 UK t
46 US t41.071423073933 UK t
47 US t41.964280097279 UK t
48 US t42.857137120625 UK t
49 US t43.749994143972 UK t
50 US t44.642851167318 UK t
51 US t45.535708190664 UK t
52 US t46.428565214011 UK t
53 US t47.321422237357 UK t
54 US t48.214279260703 UK t
55 US t49.10713628405 UK t
56 US t49.999993307396 UK t
57 US t50.892850330743 UK t
58 US t51.785707354089 UK t
59 US t52.678564377435 UK t
60 US t53.571421400782 UK t
61 US t54.464278424128 UK t
62 US t55.357135447474 UK t
63 US t56.249992470821 UK t
64 US t57.142849494167 UK t
65 US t58.035706517513 UK t
66 US t58.92856354086 UK t
67 US t59.821420564206 UK t
68 US t60.714277587552 UK t
69 US t61.607134610899 UK t
70 US t62.499991634245 UK t
71 US t63.392848657592 UK t
72 US t64.285705680938 UK t
73 US t65.178562704284 UK t
74 US t66.071419727631 UK t
75 US t66.964276750977 UK t
76 US t67.857133774323 UK t
77 US t68.74999079767 UK t
78 US t69.642847821016 UK t
79 US t70.535704844362 UK t
80 US t71.428561867709 UK t
81 US t72.321418891055 UK t
82 US t73.214275914402 UK t
83 US t74.107132937748 UK t
84 US t74.999989961094 UK t
85 US t75.892846984441 UK t
86 US t76.785704007787 UK t
87 US t77.678561031133 UK t
88 US t78.57141805448 UK t
89 US t79.464275077826 UK t
90 US t80.357132101172 UK t
91 US t81.249989124519 UK t
92 US t82.142846147865 UK t
93 US t83.035703171211 UK t
94 US t83.928560194558 UK t
95 US t84.821417217904 UK t
96 US t85.714274241251 UK t
97 US t86.607131264597 UK t
98 US t87.499988287943 UK t
99 US t88.39284531129 UK t
100 US t89.285702334636 UK t
101 US t90.178559357982 UK t
102 US t91.071416381329 UK t
103 US t91.964273404675 UK t
104 US t92.857130428021 UK t
105 US t93.749987451368 UK t
106 US t94.642844474714 UK t
107 US t95.535701498061 UK t
108 US t96.428558521407 UK t
109 US t97.321415544753 UK t
110 US t98.2142725681 UK t
111 US t99.107129591446 UK t
112 US t99.999986614792 UK t
113 US t100.89284363814 UK t
114 US t101.78570066149 UK t
115 US t102.67855768483 UK t
116 US t103.57141470818 UK t
117 US t104.46427173152 UK t
118 US t105.35712875487 UK t
119 US t106.24998577822 UK t
120 US t107.14284280156 UK t
121 US t108.03569982491 UK t
122 US t108.92855684826 UK t
123 US t109.8214138716 UK t
124 US t110.71427089495 UK t
125 US t111.60712791829 UK t
126 US t112.49998494164 UK t
127 US t113.39284196499 UK t
128 US t114.28569898833 UK t
129 US t115.17855601168 UK t
130 US t116.07141303503 UK t
131 US t116.96427005837 UK t
132 US t117.85712708172 UK t
133 US t118.74998410507 UK t
134 US t119.64284112841 UK t
135 US t120.53569815176 UK t
136 US t121.4285551751 UK t
137 US t122.32141219845 UK t
138 US t123.2142692218 UK t
139 US t124.10712624514 UK t
140 US t124.99998326849 UK t
141 US t125.89284029184 UK t
142 US t126.78569731518 UK t
143 US t127.67855433853 UK t
144 US t128.57141136188 UK t
145 US t129.46426838522 UK t
146 US t130.35712540857 UK t
147 US t131.24998243191 UK t
148 US t132.14283945526 UK t
149 US t133.03569647861 UK t
150 US t133.92855350195 UK t
151 US t134.8214105253 UK t
152 US t135.71426754865 UK t
153 US t136.60712457199 UK t
154 US t137.49998159534 UK t
155 US t138.39283861869 UK t
156 US t139.28569564203 UK t
157 US t140.17855266538 UK t
158 US t141.07140968872 UK t
159 US t141.96426671207 UK t
160 US t142.85712373542 UK t
161 US t143.74998075876 UK t
162 US t144.64283778211 UK t
163 US t145.53569480546 UK t
164 US t146.4285518288 UK t
165 US t147.32140885215 UK t
166 US t148.2142658755 UK t
167 US t149.10712289884 UK t
168 US t149.99997992219 UK t
169 US t150.89283694553 UK t
170 US t151.78569396888 UK t
171 US t152.67855099223 UK t
172 US t153.57140801557 UK t
173 US t154.46426503892 UK t
174 US t155.35712206227 UK t
175 US t156.24997908561 UK t
176 US t157.14283610896 UK t
177 US t158.03569313231 UK t
178 US t158.92855015565 UK t
179 US t159.821407179 UK t
180 US t160.71426420234 UK t
181 US t161.60712122569 UK t
182 US t162.49997824904 UK t
183 US t163.39283527238 UK t
184 US t164.28569229573 UK t
185 US t165.17854931908 UK t
186 US t166.07140634242 UK t
187 US t166.96426336577 UK t
188 US t167.85712038912 UK t
189 US t168.74997741246 UK t
190 US t169.64283443581 UK t
191 US t170.53569145915 UK t
192 US t171.4285484825 UK t
193 US t172.32140550585 UK t
194 US t173.21426252919 UK t
195 US t174.10711955254 UK t
196 US t174.99997657589 UK t
197 US t175.89283359923 UK t
198 US t176.78569062258 UK t
199 US t177.67854764593 UK t
200 US t178.57140466927 UK t
10 US t8.9285702334636 UK t
20 US t17.857140466927 UK t
30 US t26.785710700391 UK t
40 US t35.714280933854 UK t
50 US t44.642851167318 UK t
60 US t53.571421400782 UK t
70 US t62.499991634245 UK t
80 US t71.428561867709 UK t
90 US t80.357132101172 UK t
100 US t89.285702334636 UK t
200 US t178.57140466927 UK t
300 US t267.85710700391 UK t
400 US t357.14280933854 UK t
500 US t446.42851167318 UK t
600 US t535.71421400782 UK t
700 US t624.99991634245 UK t
800 US t714.28561867709 UK t
900 US t803.57132101172 UK t
1000 US t892.85702334636 UK t
2000 US t1785.7140466927 UK t
3000 US t2678.5710700391 UK t
4000 US t3571.4280933854 UK t
5000 US t4464.2851167318 UK t
6000 US t5357.1421400782 UK t
7000 US t6249.9991634245 UK t
8000 US t7142.8561867709 UK t
9000 US t8035.7132101172 UK t
10000 US t8928.5702334636 UK t

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