Tonnes to Long Tons (UK) Converter

Tonnes to Long Tons (UK) Converter

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Tonnes to Long Tons (UK) Conversion Table

TonnesLong Tons (UK)
1 T0.98420643926905 UK t
2 T1.9684128785381 UK t
3 T2.9526193178072 UK t
4 T3.9368257570762 UK t
5 T4.9210321963453 UK t
6 T5.9052386356143 UK t
7 T6.8894450748834 UK t
8 T7.8736515141524 UK t
9 T8.8578579534215 UK t
10 T9.8420643926905 UK t
11 T10.82627083196 UK t
12 T11.810477271229 UK t
13 T12.794683710498 UK t
14 T13.778890149767 UK t
15 T14.763096589036 UK t
16 T15.747303028305 UK t
17 T16.731509467574 UK t
18 T17.715715906843 UK t
19 T18.699922346112 UK t
20 T19.684128785381 UK t

Long Tons (UK) to Tonnes Conversion Table

Long Tons (UK)Tonnes
1 UK t1.016047 T
2 UK t2.032094 T
3 UK t3.048141 T
4 UK t4.064188 T
5 UK t5.080235 T
6 UK t6.096282 T
7 UK t7.112329 T
8 UK t8.128376 T
9 UK t9.144423 T
10 UK t10.16047 T
11 UK t11.176517 T
12 UK t12.192564 T
13 UK t13.208611 T
14 UK t14.224658 T
15 UK t15.240705 T
16 UK t16.256752 T
17 UK t17.272799 T
18 UK t18.288846 T
19 UK t19.304893 T
20 UK t20.32094 T