Weight Unit Converters


Weight Unit Converter

Type the numbers in any of the boxes below and they will be automatically converted to the other units. Javascript should be turned on.

Individual Weight Unit Converters

kg-to-lb kg-to-oz kg-to-st kg-to-t kg-to-cwt kg-to-t lb kg-to-t oz kg-to-dwt kg-to-gr kg-to-T kg-to-UK t kg-to-tons kg-to-cwt long kg-to-sh cwt kg-to-g kg-to-ct kg-to-mg kg-to-µg kg-to-US t lb-to-kg lb-to-oz lb-to-st lb-to-t lb-to-cwt lb-to-t lb lb-to-t oz lb-to-dwt lb-to-gr lb-to-T lb-to-UK t lb-to-tons lb-to-cwt long lb-to-sh cwt lb-to-g lb-to-ct lb-to-mg lb-to-µg lb-to-US t oz-to-kg oz-to-lb oz-to-st oz-to-t oz-to-cwt oz-to-t lb oz-to-t oz oz-to-dwt oz-to-gr oz-to-T oz-to-UK t oz-to-tons oz-to-cwt long oz-to-sh cwt oz-to-g oz-to-ct oz-to-mg oz-to-µg oz-to-US t st-to-kg st-to-lb st-to-oz st-to-t st-to-cwt st-to-t lb st-to-t oz st-to-dwt st-to-gr st-to-T st-to-UK t st-to-tons st-to-cwt long st-to-sh cwt st-to-g st-to-ct st-to-mg st-to-µg st-to-US t t-to-kg t-to-lb t-to-oz t-to-st t-to-cwt t-to-t lb t-to-t oz t-to-dwt t-to-gr t-to-T t-to-UK t t-to-tons t-to-cwt long t-to-sh cwt t-to-g t-to-ct t-to-mg t-to-µg t-to-US t cwt-to-kg cwt-to-lb cwt-to-oz cwt-to-st cwt-to-t cwt-to-t lb cwt-to-t oz cwt-to-dwt cwt-to-gr cwt-to-T cwt-to-UK t cwt-to-tons cwt-to-cwt long cwt-to-sh cwt cwt-to-g cwt-to-ct cwt-to-mg cwt-to-µg cwt-to-US t t lb-to-kg t lb-to-lb t lb-to-oz t lb-to-st t lb-to-t t lb-to-cwt t lb-to-t oz t lb-to-dwt t lb-to-gr t lb-to-T t lb-to-UK t t lb-to-tons t lb-to-cwt long t lb-to-sh cwt t lb-to-g t lb-to-ct t lb-to-mg t lb-to-µg t lb-to-US t t oz-to-kg t oz-to-lb t oz-to-oz t oz-to-st t oz-to-t t oz-to-cwt t oz-to-t lb t oz-to-dwt t oz-to-gr t oz-to-T t oz-to-UK t t oz-to-tons t oz-to-cwt long t oz-to-sh cwt t oz-to-g t oz-to-ct t oz-to-mg t oz-to-µg t oz-to-US t dwt-to-kg dwt-to-lb dwt-to-oz dwt-to-st dwt-to-t dwt-to-cwt dwt-to-t lb dwt-to-t oz dwt-to-gr dwt-to-T dwt-to-UK t dwt-to-tons dwt-to-cwt long dwt-to-sh cwt dwt-to-g dwt-to-ct dwt-to-mg dwt-to-µg dwt-to-US t gr-to-kg gr-to-lb gr-to-oz gr-to-st gr-to-t gr-to-cwt gr-to-t lb gr-to-t oz gr-to-dwt gr-to-T gr-to-UK t gr-to-tons gr-to-cwt long gr-to-sh cwt gr-to-g gr-to-ct gr-to-mg gr-to-µg gr-to-US t T-to-kg T-to-lb T-to-oz T-to-st T-to-t T-to-cwt T-to-t lb T-to-t oz T-to-dwt T-to-gr T-to-UK t T-to-tons T-to-cwt long T-to-sh cwt T-to-g T-to-ct T-to-mg T-to-µg T-to-US t UK t-to-kg UK t-to-lb UK t-to-oz UK t-to-st UK t-to-t UK t-to-cwt UK t-to-t lb UK t-to-t oz UK t-to-dwt UK t-to-gr UK t-to-T UK t-to-tons UK t-to-cwt long UK t-to-sh cwt UK t-to-g UK t-to-ct UK t-to-mg UK t-to-µg UK t-to-US t tons-to-kg tons-to-lb tons-to-oz tons-to-st tons-to-t tons-to-cwt tons-to-t lb tons-to-t oz tons-to-dwt tons-to-gr tons-to-T tons-to-UK t tons-to-cwt long tons-to-sh cwt tons-to-g tons-to-ct tons-to-mg tons-to-µg tons-to-US t cwt long-to-kg cwt long-to-lb cwt long-to-oz cwt long-to-st cwt long-to-t cwt long-to-cwt cwt long-to-t lb cwt long-to-t oz cwt long-to-dwt cwt long-to-gr cwt long-to-T cwt long-to-UK t cwt long-to-tons cwt long-to-sh cwt cwt long-to-g cwt long-to-ct cwt long-to-mg cwt long-to-µg cwt long-to-US t sh cwt-to-kg sh cwt-to-lb sh cwt-to-oz sh cwt-to-st sh cwt-to-t sh cwt-to-cwt sh cwt-to-t lb sh cwt-to-t oz sh cwt-to-dwt sh cwt-to-gr sh cwt-to-T sh cwt-to-UK t sh cwt-to-tons sh cwt-to-cwt long sh cwt-to-g sh cwt-to-ct sh cwt-to-mg sh cwt-to-µg sh cwt-to-US t g-to-kg g-to-lb g-to-oz g-to-st g-to-t g-to-cwt g-to-t lb g-to-t oz g-to-dwt g-to-gr g-to-T g-to-UK t g-to-tons g-to-cwt long g-to-sh cwt g-to-ct g-to-mg g-to-µg g-to-US t ct-to-kg ct-to-lb ct-to-oz ct-to-st ct-to-t ct-to-cwt ct-to-t lb ct-to-t oz ct-to-dwt ct-to-gr ct-to-T ct-to-UK t ct-to-tons ct-to-cwt long ct-to-sh cwt ct-to-g ct-to-mg ct-to-µg ct-to-US t mg-to-kg mg-to-lb mg-to-oz mg-to-st mg-to-t mg-to-cwt mg-to-t lb mg-to-t oz mg-to-dwt mg-to-gr mg-to-T mg-to-UK t mg-to-tons mg-to-cwt long mg-to-sh cwt mg-to-g mg-to-ct mg-to-µg mg-to-US t µg-to-kg µg-to-lb µg-to-oz µg-to-st µg-to-t µg-to-cwt µg-to-t lb µg-to-t oz µg-to-dwt µg-to-gr µg-to-T µg-to-UK t µg-to-tons µg-to-cwt long µg-to-sh cwt µg-to-g µg-to-ct µg-to-mg µg-to-US t US t-to-kg US t-to-lb US t-to-oz US t-to-st US t-to-t US t-to-cwt US t-to-t lb US t-to-t oz US t-to-dwt US t-to-gr US t-to-T US t-to-UK t US t-to-tons US t-to-cwt long US t-to-sh cwt US t-to-g US t-to-ct US t-to-mg US t-to-µg