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Grams to Troy Ounces Converter

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Grams to Troy Ounces Conversion Table

GramsTroy Ounces
1 g0.032150743260883 t oz
2 g0.064301486521766 t oz
3 g0.096452229782649 t oz
4 g0.12860297304353 t oz
5 g0.16075371630441 t oz
6 g0.1929044595653 t oz
7 g0.22505520282618 t oz
8 g0.25720594608706 t oz
9 g0.28935668934795 t oz
10 g0.32150743260883 t oz
11 g0.35365817586971 t oz
12 g0.3858089191306 t oz
13 g0.41795966239148 t oz
14 g0.45011040565236 t oz
15 g0.48226114891324 t oz
16 g0.51441189217413 t oz
17 g0.54656263543501 t oz
18 g0.57871337869589 t oz
19 g0.61086412195678 t oz
20 g0.64301486521766 t oz

Troy Ounces to Grams Conversion Table

Troy OuncesGrams
1 t oz31.10348 g
2 t oz62.206959999999 g
3 t oz93.310439999999 g
4 t oz124.41392 g
5 t oz155.5174 g
6 t oz186.62088 g
7 t oz217.72436 g
8 t oz248.82784 g
9 t oz279.93132 g
10 t oz311.0348 g
11 t oz342.13828 g
12 t oz373.24176 g
13 t oz404.34524 g
14 t oz435.44872 g
15 t oz466.5522 g
16 t oz497.65568 g
17 t oz528.75916 g
18 t oz559.86263999999 g
19 t oz590.96611999999 g
20 t oz622.06959999999 g