Pound to Troy Pounds Converter

Pound to Troy Pounds Converter

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Pound to Troy Pounds Conversion Table

PoundTroy Pounds
1 lb1.2152776605615 t lb
2 lb2.430555321123 t lb
3 lb3.6458329816845 t lb
4 lb4.861110642246 t lb
5 lb6.0763883028075 t lb
6 lb7.291665963369 t lb
7 lb8.5069436239305 t lb
8 lb9.722221284492 t lb
9 lb10.937498945054 t lb
10 lb12.152776605615 t lb
11 lb13.368054266177 t lb
12 lb14.583331926738 t lb
13 lb15.7986095873 t lb
14 lb17.013887247861 t lb
15 lb18.229164908423 t lb
16 lb19.444442568984 t lb
17 lb20.659720229546 t lb
18 lb21.874997890107 t lb
19 lb23.090275550669 t lb
20 lb24.30555321123 t lb

Troy Pounds to Pound Conversion Table

Troy PoundsPound
1 t lb0.82285722222357 lb
2 t lb1.6457144444471 lb
3 t lb2.4685716666707 lb
4 t lb3.2914288888943 lb
5 t lb4.1142861111179 lb
6 t lb4.9371433333414 lb
7 t lb5.760000555565 lb
8 t lb6.5828577777886 lb
9 t lb7.4057150000122 lb
10 t lb8.2285722222357 lb
11 t lb9.0514294444593 lb
12 t lb9.8742866666829 lb
13 t lb10.697143888906 lb
14 t lb11.52000111113 lb
15 t lb12.342858333354 lb
16 t lb13.165715555577 lb
17 t lb13.988572777801 lb
18 t lb14.811430000024 lb
19 t lb15.634287222248 lb
20 t lb16.457144444471 lb