Troy Pounds to Short Tons (US) Converter

Troy Pounds to Short Tons (US) Converter

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Troy Pounds to Short Tons (US) Conversion Table

Troy PoundsShort Tons (US)
1 t lb0.00041142856575954 US t
2 t lb0.00082285713151908 US t
3 t lb0.0012342856972786 US t
4 t lb0.0016457142630382 US t
5 t lb0.0020571428287977 US t
6 t lb0.0024685713945572 US t
7 t lb0.0028799999603168 US t
8 t lb0.0032914285260763 US t
9 t lb0.0037028570918359 US t
10 t lb0.0041142856575954 US t
11 t lb0.0045257142233549 US t
12 t lb0.0049371427891145 US t
13 t lb0.005348571354874 US t
14 t lb0.0057599999206336 US t
15 t lb0.0061714284863931 US t
16 t lb0.0065828570521526 US t
17 t lb0.0069942856179122 US t
18 t lb0.0074057141836717 US t
19 t lb0.0078171427494313 US t
20 t lb0.0082285713151908 US t

Short Tons (US) to Troy Pounds Conversion Table

Short Tons (US)Troy Pounds
1 US t2430.5555890459 t lb
2 US t4861.1111780919 t lb
3 US t7291.6667671378 t lb
4 US t9722.2223561837 t lb
5 US t12152.77794523 t lb
6 US t14583.333534276 t lb
7 US t17013.889123321 t lb
8 US t19444.444712367 t lb
9 US t21875.000301413 t lb
10 US t24305.555890459 t lb
11 US t26736.111479505 t lb
12 US t29166.667068551 t lb
13 US t31597.222657597 t lb
14 US t34027.778246643 t lb
15 US t36458.333835689 t lb
16 US t38888.889424735 t lb
17 US t41319.445013781 t lb
18 US t43750.000602827 t lb
19 US t46180.556191873 t lb
20 US t48611.111780919 t lb